Transmission of the Perfect Chapter reaching 33.5 million people on five continents

6119Transmission of the Perfect Chapter reaching 33.5 million people on five continents
The live broadcast of the Perfect Chapter, a championship that takes place on the best wave day of winter, at Praia de Carcavelos, reached more than 33 million people.

Through Fuel TV, the Perfect Chapter was broadcast to 33.5 million homes on five continents. This year, we also highlight the transmission to Australia, one of the most important surfing markets in the world.

The organization of the Perfect Chapter also guaranteed the full rebroadcast of the event on Fuel TV, on dates to be announced shortly. In this way, surfing fans worldwide will be able to review all the action that brought together some of the best tuberiders in the world at Carcavelos Beach.

Through the webcast, produced in Portuguese and English, with parallel broadcasts, the championship reached more than 25 thousand people in more than fifty countries, also on five continents.

On social networks, with the publications of the Chapter Perfect Instagram accounts, surfers, partners and the public, the reach was 33.4 million people. This reach was achieved through a total of 533 posts and stories, just on February 17th, the day of the Perfect Chapter.

Over the course of the day, more than five thousand people attended the event, which took place on a weekday at Praia de Carcavelos.

“The Perfect Chapter format, in which the championship only takes place when the waves are really good, makes this an appealing product for the global surfing market. As it is a one-day event, we managed to create hype and great expectations, resulting in great exposure both on social networks and in the media, in Portugal and internationally” said Rui Costa, from the event's organization.

“The public likes to see tubes, perfect waves, and it's part of our mission to show the world that we have that in Portugal. We are at a particularly delicate moment for our tourism, so we are pleased to have contributed to the consolidation of Portugal's image as a premium surfing destination. We can be another tool for the recovery of the tourism sector when this crisis is over”, he concluded.