The Event

Perfect Chapter 2022 powered by Billabong

Praia de Carcavelos will once again host the 8th edition of the surfing championship in Portugal with the best waves

The Perfect Chapter, a surfing championship that takes place on the best wave day of the Portuguese winter, is back in 2022. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event did not take place in 2021.

Praia de Carcavelos once again welcomes the best national and international tube riders for this championship dedicated to the queen maneuver of surfing: the tube. This will be the fourth edition of the Perfect Chapter held in Carcavelos, after 2014, 2015 and 2020.

Cascais welcomes the return of the best surfing to the beach, which is one of the most spectacular stages of the sport: Carcavelos. I wish all national and foreign surfers to find great waves on our Carcavelos beach and to provide a great competitive spectacle for the vast surfing tribe of Cascais and for the public that will accompany us all over the world,” commented Carlos Carreiras. , Mayor of Cascais.

The Perfect Chapter is a unique championship in that the participating surfers are chosen by the public, through online voting. The natural stadium on Carcavelos beach is once again the stage for the best national and international athletes to compete in the competition in tubular conditions. The surfers who are going to vote will be announced on the 12th of January, at the event’s presentation press conference. The pre-selection is made by the Commission of Notables, composed of outstanding elements of the Portuguese surfing community.

The waiting period for the Perfect Chapter runs until the 17th of March. The championship favors the tube, the queen maneuver of surfing. The organization constantly analyzes the weather conditions, to choose the ideal day for the formation of powerful and tubular waves.

“It is a great satisfaction to be able to bring back the Perfect Chapter after a year of interruption. It is an event in which the surfing community is very involved, including in the choice of surfers”, said Rui Costa, organizer of the event.
“In 2021 it was not possible to organize the event due to the many travel restrictions. We have to have some of the best surfers in the world here within 72 hours, and the existing quarantine regimes did not allow them to arrive in time for the best day of waves of the winter in Carcavelos,” he concluded.

“We are very proud to be part of this surfing party again. The Perfect Chapter is the ultimate manifestation of what surfing is – tubes, perfect waves, risk, courage, talent… and this is the history of Billabong, it is in these manifestations that we want to continue to be present,” said Pedro Soeiro Dias, Director of Despomar Marketing.

Notables Commission

João Valente – Director of SURFPortugal
João helped to form, more than 25 years ago, the first Portuguese surf magazine. It has a huge surf culture, acquired through permanent contact with the community and through an endless collection of books and magazines.

José Pyrrait – Surf coach
He learned to surf the waves of Rio de Janeiro, where he was a respected local on one of the most emblematic waves in Brazil, the Arpoador. Forty years later, he coaches some of the best European surfers today. Their opinions are listened to carefully and their advice actively sought.

Gonçalo Ruivo – Responsible for a ship charter operation in Indonesia
Gonçalo Ruivo is currently the biggest ambassador of Portuguese surfing in Indonesia, organizing trips to the various islands of the archipelago. Most of the best Portuguese surfers have passed through his boats, being himself a born tube rider.

Miguel Fortes – Excellent tube rider from Coxos
Excellent tube rider, recognized by many as the Rei dos Coxos, one of the most renowned waves in Portugal and Europe. The quality of his surfing made him considered as a candidate to participate in the Perfect Chapter in its first two editions.

Hugo Almeida – Videomaker
Graduated in Design and Communication, Hugo is one of the most renowned Portuguese videographers, having worked with nationally and internationally renowned surfers such as Nic Von Rupp, Miguel Blanco, Pedro Boonman, Carlos Burle, Maya Gabeira, Pedro Scooby and Kai Lenny.

Paulo Bairro – Former national Open and European Masters champion and shaper
Former national surfing champion and shaper who took part in the event in 2014 in Carcavelos, he is an excellent tube rider and an assiduous presence on the best days in Ericeira, both surfing and training the new generation.

João Antunes – Three-time national surfing champion
Three-time national champion and one of the smartest competitors in surfing
Portuguese has already generated. Deep knowledge of all the techniques of the act of running
waves and current surf coach.

Francisco Cruz – Surfer from Santa Cruz
Surfer for more than 30 years and former national competitor, a regular presence in the best days of the Supertubos and coach of the new generation.

Jó Bento – Line Surfer
A regular surfer on the best days in Carcavelos and Coxos, he was one of the names on the first list of tube riders in the first edition of the Perfect Chapter in 2012.