Sustainability is in the DNA of Perfect Chapter, powered by Billabong

6249Sustainability is in the DNA of Perfect Chapter, powered by Billabong

Cascais, 08 February 2022 – It starts with the fact that surfers are chosen by the public, through online voting. The Perfect Chapter – powered by Billabong – is an innovative championship in its own right. From innovation to sustainability, the distance is short, with the main stage on Carcavelos beach, where the best national and international athletes meet to compete in the competition in tubular conditions.

For Rui Costa, responsible for the event, “the year 2022 is of enormous importance, not only for the return of the event after a year of forced stop, but because we want to reinforce the role of the Perfect Chapter as an increasingly sustainable event”.

The 2022 edition of the Perfect Chapter, powered by Billabong, aims to make a change when it comes to sustainability. With the sea and its surroundings as the main stage, appealing to the awareness of the participants and all the people present at the event is the primary objective.

To carry out all this awareness, the event will be based on strategies at various levels:

Action 58 Upcycling (by 58SURF) : Collecting used clothes that no longer serve their purpose. More and more we want to minimize waste and, where possible, reduce our ecological footprint.
These same facts will give life to new products, which include laptop covers, surfboard covers, puff stuffing, for example, among other ideas that appear along the way. To encourage collection, for each costume collected, we offer a 15% discount voucher to be used in our stores. This action is an extension of what exists in store.

United to Remake Project: @unitedtoremake will be a partner at the event, ensuring the correct measurement of waste generated, which is essential for a sustainable event, as well as through the exhibition of upcycling articles: They will be representing Ocean Sole, which makes decoration pieces with flip-flops caught in the sea, with Cais Recicla that makes ecodesign products with waste paper and with 3Cs – Comunidade Criativa de Cascais

Ação Mar à Deriva: Beach cleaning action to be carried out at the event venue, open to the public wishing to participate. Gathering, weighing and observing all collected waste and exchanging views on this issue.
The ideal time should correspond sensibly to the time of low tide / low tide. Duration: 1h30, preceded by a short briefing.
Equipment: gloves, comfortable clothes and shoes.

Bolota – Eco Perfect House: The smart Eco house provides complete energy independence without resorting to fossil fuels or the electricity grid. Revolutionary and Eco Perfect is fully controllable by App from Smartphone, tablet or computer. Live control of solar energy production, storage and consumption. Zero CO2 emissions with excellent financial efficiency. Designed by “The Blackvolt”.

The Perfect Chapter event:

Measurement of the ecological footprint by Reflora: Elaboration of the calculation of carbon emissions. Reflora will assist the Perfect Chapter 2022 on the path to decarbonization and carbon neutrality. For the first time, the carbon footprint will be measured and we will know the real impact of the event. Reflora is focused on making companies more sustainable and maximizing positive impact through its forest network!

Recycling: all event packaging will be recycled and waste properly separated. The water is not bottled and the use of water dispensers will be a priority. Athletes will have a bottle made from reusable materials to refill.

Use of recycled and/or organic materials: in paper, wooden cutlery and cardboard packaging for meals, as well as a t-shirt production corner with recyclable and/or organic materials.

Food court staff and athletes: all food at the event will be organically produced. All surpluses will be donated, thus reducing food waste.

Sponsors: reduction in consumption by the brands of tarpaulins and other materials. Delivery of the tarpaulins to an institution in Cascais at the end of the event to be transformed into other objects.

Trophies: will be produced in organic and reusable materials.

Finally, for the 2022 edition, a partnership has been established with Electrikfatbike, which will award the winner of the Perfect Chapter with an electric bike, thus creating a perfect synergy between surfing and sustainability.