Perfect Chapter powered by Reef Waiting period extended

4193Perfect Chapter powered by Reef Waiting period extended


The hunt for the perfect day continues through to December 23rd NAZARÉ (November 23, 2017)

The Perfect Chapter powered by Reef’s organization has decided today to extend the event’s waiting period to December 23rd. The lack of perfect, steady conditions at Praia do Norte (event site) remained throughout the original waiting period (September 23rd to November 23rd), without any record of favorable swell and wind forecast consistent enough to sustain a full day of competition in solid, hollow waves.

“The Perfect Chapter event requires a very specific set of wave, wind and tide conditions to take place”, Francisco Silva, Magicseaweed representative in Portugal, said. “Until this day, despite the heavy days we have witnessed at Nazaré in the last couple of weeks, we haven’t had a day that would meet the requirements we are looking for. During the event waiting period, we have flagged on the charts a few promising storms with the characteristics necessary to generate the swell we are looking for, but that in the end didn’t present the guarantees we needed to call the event on.

We will continue to monitor storms in the North Atlantic for the very specific conditions that are required to run the contest”, he concluded. By postponing the competition, the event organizers hope to cement their commitment to honoring people’s choices and fulfilling surfers’ expectations, making every possible effort to set up the most voted surfers to compete in the best waves Nazaré can produce.

“The Perfect Chapter is an event that builds its success on finding the best surfing day of the year”, organizer Rui Costa stated. “Although we’ve had some interesting swells over the last couple of months, the sand banks at Praia do Norte haven’t been steady enough. Also, we’ve been witnessing an atypical shortage of swells and consistent North winds unusual for this time of the year. I believe over the next 30 days we will finally find the conditions we are looking for and live up to the expectations generated by last year’s edition.”

The Mayor of Nazaré, Walter Chicharro, has already addressed his support to Perfect Chapter’s team, looking forward to better chances of running the event in a way that will dignify its concept and sponsors as well as surf fans around the world. “It is of great importance to Nazaré to host another edition of Perfect Chapter, for its exposure of Praia do Norte as a versatile surf spot suitable for all water sports. We hope that Praia do Norte will soon show its better side offering the ideal conditions to run this special event.”

The Perfect Chapter powered by Reef remains on stand by with a 72 hours’ notice call. List of final contenders includes Alex Botelho, Alex Gray, António Silva, Anthony Walsh, Aritz Aranburu, Bruno Grilo, Bruno Santos, Cory Lopez, João Guedes, Kiron Jabour, Miguel Blanco, Nathan Florence, Nic von Rupp, Pedro Boonman, Pedro Vianna “Scooby” and Tiago Pires. For