Perfect Chapter powered by Reef postponed to 2018

4191Perfect Chapter powered by Reef postponed to 2018


Organization seeks for perfect conditions throughout winter swell season at Nazaré NAZARÉ (December 22, 2017)

The Perfect Chapter powered by Reef’s organization has decided today to postpone the event to 2018. Although the sandbars at Praia do Norte have recently proven to be all set to provide the sort of conditions Perfect Chapter is all about – big, hollow, perfect waves –, event organizers have run out of time to set up the logistics and call the competition on. As such, the Perfect Chapter powered by Reef’s waiting period is being reactivated between January 4th and March 4th, keeping the same Surfers List voted by surf fans around the world earlier this year.

“The sandbanks at Praia do Norte have finally reached the quality patterns we are used to see throughout September, October and November,” event organizer Rui Costa said. “We are expecting to have a good winter swell season in Nazaré and, alongside Magicseaweed’s team of experts, we are committed to honoring people’s choices and surfers’ expectations, making every effort to get that AAA roster of chargers into the best possible conditions.” “Every year, the Perfect Chapter takes place on the best day of the European winter. That day is yet to come”, Rita Matta Loureiro, marketing manager at Reef Portugal, stated. “By postponing the event we are hoping to fulfill the expectations this event has built up throughout the years among sponsors, surfers and surf fans.”

Set to compete are Alex Bothelo, Alex Gray, António Silva, Anthony Walsh, Aritz Aranburu, Bruno Grilo, Bruno Santos, Cory Lopez, João Guedes, Kiron Jabour, Miguel Blanco, Nathan Florence, Nic von Rupp, Pedro Boonman, Pedro “Scooby” and Tiago Pires. For