Green light for the Perfect Chapter on February 17th

4890Green light for the Perfect Chapter on February 17th


The Perfect Chapter, a contest that takes place on the best day of the Portuguese Winter at Carcavelos Beach, will run next Monday, 17 February. The forecast points to solid waves and favorable wind conditions.

“The forecast shows a solid swell over four meters, with a long period, and northerly  winds. These are the ideal conditions for Carcavelos. The sandbanks are well shaped, so we expect a great day of surfing,” said Rodrigo Herédia, Contest Director for the Perfect Chapter, and legendary Carcavelos local.

“We have the best tube-riders in the world on the way to Cascais, and a powerful swell accompanied by offshore winds forecasted for Monday. The ingredients are all there for yet another truly Perfect Chapter of surfing in Portugal,” said Rui Costa, organiser of the Perfect Chapter.

On Sunday, the heat draw will be released.

“The Perfect Chapter is an out of the box event, but a very important highlight on the surfing world’s calendar. Everyone is frothing for the Perfect Chapter, because it highlights what is most magical about surfing: barrels,” said Tiago Pires, the greatest Portuguese surfer of all time.

“It has an amazing cast with great international surfers, pairing them with the best Portuguese tube-riders. It’s a unique event, which is increasingly popular with surf fans, which is reflected in the number of people going to the beach and watching the webcast. I’m really looking forward to Monday: epic Carcavelos, everyone enjoying a different kind of contest where the focus is the barrels, not points and rankings,” he concluded.

The Perfect Chapter will be broadcast live on the contest website, at Brazilian website and

FUEL TV broadcasts the Perfect Chapter in 97 countries, including Australia and in South America.


The Perfect Chapter is the only elite surf contest in the world where surfers are chosen by the public through an online poll. Fans chose surfers in three categories: Portuguese surfers, International Surfers, and for the first time in 2019-20, the New Generation category. This year, a total of 43,000 voters from 92 countries on the 5 continents chose the following surfers to participate in the Perfect Chapter:


Portuguese Surfers

Joao Guedes, Miguel Blanco, Tiago Pires, Nic Von Rupp, Alex Botelho

Wildcard: Pedro Boonman


International Surfers

Aritz Aramburu, Cory Lopez, Bruno Santos, Clay Marzo, Pedro Scooby, Lucas Chumbo

Wildcard:  Balaram Stack


Local wildcard: João Moreira

Defending champion wildcard: William Aliotti

New Generation: Afonso Antunes