Alex Botelho replaced by Filipe Jervis in the Perfect Chapter

4902Alex Botelho replaced by Filipe Jervis in the Perfect Chapter


The Perfect Chapter, a contest that takes place on the best day of the Portuguese Winter at Carcavelos Beach, will run next Monday, 17 February. Alex Botelho, one of the surfers chosen by the fans for the contest, will not be able to participate. The surfer from Lagos, Algarve is still recovering from an accident during last week’s Nazaré contest.

“Alex’s condition is stable, but unfortunately, he is far from being able to surf or compete in the Perfect Chapter. What matters most is his quick recovery. He is a great surfer and a great human being, and I am sure that soon he will be doing what he most likes: getting barreled in perfect waves,” commented Rui Costa, organizer of the Perfect Chapter.

Filipe Jervis, the sixth Portuguese surfer most voted by the public, replaces Alex Botelho in the Perfect Chapter.

“It wasn’t at all the way I wanted to enter the contest, Alex is a good friend and it’s tough to see what happened to him. The whole surfing community is in shock with Alex’s situation, we all hope he’ll recover quickly. It is up to me to do my best and dedicate my performance to Alex,” said Filipe Jervis.

On Sunday, the heat draw will be released.